Bed Bugs Can Follow You To Other Rooms

by Matt on February 26, 2010

After speaking to one too many people who have made this same mistake, we wanted to share some suggestions in regards to the topic of changing rooms during a bed bug infestation.  Most people, after being bitten by bed bugs, attempt to escape them by seeking refuge in another room or on the family room sofa.  The problem, however, with this strategy is it increases the chances that some bed bugs will follow you in hopes of a another blood meal.  Some bed bugs will leave the bedroom with you and some will become inactive waiting for your return.  This can result in a bed bug infestation that’s much more difficult to treat.  We like to keep an infestation isolated in one room if possible, which makes it harder if you’re changing rooms frequently.

After a room has been treated and it’s safe to return, sleeping in the treated room is a great idea as it draws the bed bugs out forcing them to cross over the powder and pesticides that were applied.  Remember bed bugs are drawn by body heat and carbon dioxide. To help reduce bites we recommend climbup interceptors and mattress encasements.

Another issue with leaving your bedroom during a bed bug infestations is the risk of having inactive bed bugs all over your home.  Say you leave your bedroom and move to the spare bedroom.  If 10 percent of the bed bugs follow you over to the spare bedroom and then you eventually move back, there is a risk that some bed bugs will remain in the spare bedroom.  The other bad news is these leftover bed bugs could remain inactive for up to 18 months if the room remains empty, which could reactivate another infestation months after your think you’ve gotten rid of the bugs.

Although bed bugs can spread on their own even if you isolate yourself in the infested area, changing rooms is not a good idea.

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